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About The Jubilee Association : Our History

Shortly after the Romanian Revolution, two missionaries, Ron and Sue Bates, came to Bucharest, Romania to serve God by sharing the love of Jesus Christ, and the good news of the Gospel with the street kids, the blind, and outcasts of Romania. After years of service for the Lord, He called them home to be with Him in glory, within just months of each other.

Due to past issues with local governing authorities and rulings, the government had previously ordered the Bates' ministry to be dissolved in 2005. Ron and Sue fought a long and hard battle, but ultimately their original organization was ordered closed. As a part of this, the government put many mothers and babies out of a home. Thankfully, the single young women's shelter was permitted to remain open.

The Jubilee Association was created in 2007 to take over the responsibilities of this work, after the government closed out the old one. Our plan is to operate in such a way that the government cannot use the techniques that they used previously to shut down the ministry. By following newer guidelines and rulings, we believe we will be less of a target for such actions. Ultimately this is all in the Lord's hands.

In past years, the work of Ron and Sue was largely supported financially via Christian Missions in Many Lands (CMML). CMML is an organization that provides a funding channel for missionaries outside the USA. Upon the death of Ron and Sue, there was no longer a worker commended to this work through CMML. In order to keep this work alive and provide for a new ministry endeavor, Concern International agreed to serve as a funding channel for the Jubilee Association. Concern International concluded their services for Jubilee at the end of December 2009. A new agreement has been entered into with Believers Stewardship Services, Inc. of Dubuque, Iowa to serve in the place of Concern International.

A new board and organizational structure was put into place to ensure the longevity of the ministry. Over the past years much renovation has been completed, and new robust spiritual and social programs have been put in place. We are especially noticing a joy in the faces of our residents as the increased emphasis on the Word of God is giving them new meaning and purpose in their lives.

If you would like to have some involvement in this minsitry, on site in Romania or abroad, contact us! We'd love to talk to you about it.