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About The Jubilee Association : Areas of Ministry

Bolintin Girls Home

When Romanian orphans turn eighteen they are abandoned to the streets by the government, alone and without any social help. This building in Bolintin Deal is presently home to about 35 young women who grew up in state orphanages or on the streets. They were once vulnerable to the pimps, perverts, drug dealers, and human traffickers. But now they have a safe place of refuge. Our goal is to help them become all that God wants them to be.

There is need for workers at Bolintin as well as financial support. It costs in excess of $8,000 USD per month to keep this house open. In addition there is opportunity yet for teachers, counsellors, and mentors for these girls. When they move on from this house, we want to see them walking with the Lord, and able to sustain themselves.

Mothers and Children

When the house for homeless mothers with babies was shut down by the government, the pimps and human traffickers surely had a party. They thought they had won. However, the ministry to these outcasts also continues. Jubilee seeks ot help these women who have previously been under the ministry here, with food, supplies and sharing the love of Christ for their souls.

Perhaps one day, the Lord will again allow us to have a home for these women. These women need your prayer, while some may have been able to transition to life on their own, holding a job, or with other families, some are back living on the streets. These women and their little babies are in great danger on a daily basis. But we know that the Lord knows each one, and cares for them.

Street Kids

When this ministry first started, it was in response to seeing the neglected street kids living in the large service/utility canals beneath the streets and in the train stations of Bucharest. With the passing of Ron and Sue, this ministry has suffered, but is now experiencing a renaissance.

The young women in our care are between the ages of 30 and 40. WHile that may seem old to some, it should be kept in mind that due to their difficult youth, most operate at a teenager level (some as children). They are adults in body, but not in heart and mind. Socially, it is this transition that needs to be bridged. About half of the residents are deemed by the authorities to be mentally or physcially disabled

These young women haven't ever experienced the true love of a father or mother. During their formative years they have only experienced rejection, abuse, and hatred. Authority in their eyes is something to run away from in fear of further abuse. But God has not forgotten any of them. Jesus said "Let the little children come unto me" - but presently, there are many walls that exist blocking the truth and understanding of the Gospel from piercing through to their hearts. Pray for them, and pray that God would send workers into this field for harvest.